Do air purifiers help with eliminating mold?

Molds or Moulds are the microscopic fungi that may cause severe health issues when exposed. This may even cause asthma and allergies. After knowing about the ailments caused by molds the first question that pops up in your mind is what kills mold? The air purifier help in eliminating mold and you will experience the substantial growth inside the home where the place filled with warmth, dampness, and dark.

Along with the molds, the mold spores produced by the seeds float in the air causing cough, wheeze, cold with a stuffy and runny nose which also reduces the quality of air. Few people cannot withstand the awful air in the home. This air just spoils the protective mechanism of our respiratory system badly. There are many effective ways to reduce and eliminate mold to make you comfortable.

Elimination of molds through the air purifier

Most of the air purifies depends on a powerful weapon called the HEPA air purifiers for fighting against the mold multiplication and reproduction. HEPA is a High Efficient Particulate Air filter that could strain the microscopic particle effectively. These filters should meet strict standards of efficiency. It must be capable of capturing a minimum of 99.967 of pollutants at 0.3 microns which can capture even the mold spores varying in size from one to five microns. They are certified to remove all the spores efficiently. It is better to say that your air purifier possesses the certified HEPA filter.

Molds are frequently found in the basements, toilets, cooking area and rooms with upholstered furniture. It is advised to keep the filters in those places for active elimination of molds. These filters eliminate the microscopic organisms just by staining them and trapping them within. It is so better to replace the filter frequently for providing air free and clear of mold spores. Air purifiers must also be thick with activated carbon filter so it could also remove the foul odor, gases, and smoke. This filter could provide fresh clean air and makes the ambiance pleasant and comfortable.  

Other methods to prevent the molds

Air purifiers have capability only to eliminate the mold spores but they do not grab the growth of molds.  These molds also release harmful byproducts which are extremely toxic called mycotoxins. These mycotoxins create many side effects on the person’s health on frequent exposure. So, how to examine that your home is free from molds and mold spores. There is a method to ensure this. It can be done by monitoring and managing the humidity level in your home by using the hygrometers and humidity gauges. Molds are the great lovers of humidity and they are likely to thrive in the areas that are exposed to dampness and darkness. If you found the humidity level of your home, you can easily use a dehumidifier to lower the humidity. You can check it frequently and keep in the range that resists the growth of mold. These air purifiers are the best source for the problematic molds because they are mostly found only in indoors airs.