Friendly Recipes you can make with broiler pans

We can use broiler pans to make various tasty meals. Do you have no great idea of what to eat today? Why should you try our simple recipes?

In terms of cooking, broiler pans are essential. They can help us prepare a wide range of food. Now, let’s share some simple but effective ways to make some delicious dishes with those trusted friends.

A quick breakfast with broiler pans

A lot of people tend to skip breakfast since they have no time to prepare at home. The recipe is super quick and suitable for those busy people.

With a broiler pan, you can speed up the cooking time and make the meal healthier at once. Eggs on toast with a latte cup will be our dish today. Turn on your toaster and make crispy toast.

You can fry eggs on a broiler pan while heating some milk on another side of the stove.

Put the mix into the pot as you see the milk bubbles up. Let it steep for some minutes. When the eggs are cooked, place them on toasts and enjoy with some greens and sauce of your choice. Don’t forget to try out the latte, too.

You can make both simple and easy meal with a broiler pan

Stir-fried rice with soup

You can use broiler pans to create a wonderful dish of stir-fried rice. The way we make the dish is easy-to-follow.

For a quick attempt, you can chop up the ingredients before and put them in the fridge. You can use vegetables available in the fridge to make the dish. It is a good idea to use up those leftover foods.

Before you do stir-fry, let’s make the soup initially. Since it takes more time to cook the soup, you can simmer it aside and do another job. You can make any soup you like. But, for a simple and easy option, potato soup is the best.

To make the soup taste better, you should sauté garlic and onion first. Then, add potato, carrot, bean, celery – all chopped up – into the broiler pan. Mix them well and stir-fry them with salt and pepper in some minutes. Then, add the broth of your choice to the mixture. Simmer them until you finish cooking the rice.

Then, it is time to make fried rice. As we said, the dish is a good idea to use up any leftover foods in your fridge. Just remember, do not put things having a lot amount of water. Here is our option: carrot, pea, egg, sausage, shredded chicken, and scallion.Those recipes we showed above are friendly for broiler pans. They are simple to make and good for your health. You can change up some ingredients to make your versions. Let’s be creative, and you never get bored in cooking.