How to get fried food smell out of clothes?

On a quest to tackle aprons smelling like grease-bombs? This is article is for you. We set out to discuss how to get fried food smell out of clothes.

Anyone who pan-fries salmon or deep fries chicken could tell how quickly fabrics absorb odors. Airborne microscopic grease particles spontaneously deposit between fibers. So the smell of frying persistently hangs around even without visible stains.

Battles with strong cooking oil aroma are tough, but we are here to help. Let’s discover how to get fried food smell out of clothes.

Do laundry detergents always work?

Performance boosters for detergents

Heavy-duty detergents can neutralize most aromas. Use the hottest water temperature recommended on your fabric’s care label. The stench of grease is usually gone after one wash. But a hint of fragrance may return in a few weeks.

Therefore, the best way to get fried food smell out of clothes is boosting laundry detergent’s power with natural stain removers:

  • Borax: Add ½ cup to the washer.
  • Baking soda: Add 1 cup to the washer.
  • Distilled white vinegar: Add 1 cup to the final rinse, launder as usual.
  • Baking soda and vinegar: Mix 1 cup of each with enough water to cover clothes. Soak for 4 hours and wash clothes in the mixture.

Alternative cleaning products to try

If conventional detergents with boosters cannot get rid of fried food fragrance, don’t fret. There are other options.

  • OxiClean: Dissolve 1 scoop in enough water to cover clothes. Soak for 4 hours and wash clothes in the solution.
  • Oxypur by H2O at Home: Use in the same manner as OxiClean. Both can eliminate the scent and keep it from returning.
  • Air purifier for odors: If you can’t stand the smell of your kitchen, an air purifier for odor is a good option.
  • Bleach: Always test for the fabric’s reaction. If bleach does not eat away the outer coat, dilute 1 cup with 1 quart of water. Add the solution to bleach dispenser or wait for 5 minutes before adding (maximize detergent’s enzyme action).

The magic of washer-free home remedies

Some guides we came across recently do not require any washing step. They still effectively fend off lingering odors of oily and greasy food.

  • Airing out: Hang the garment next to an open window or outdoors on a breezy day. Use separate hangers for clothing articles to facilitate swinging and airflow. Wind from an indoor fan will also do the trick.
  • Drying: If ventilation fails, simply throw the clothes into a dryer with a drying sheet or sachet of herbs to absorb odors.
  • Steaming: A quick steam in a pervasive setting potentially dissolves grease and removes unpleasant scents. Use a steamer or hang your clothes near a hot shower. Refresh both yourself and the threads.

Now you know various tips on how to get fried food smell out of clothes. Time to stock up household products and start experimenting.

Final word

Hope you find what works best for your clothing item. Then, freshening up after cooking or savoring aromatic fried food will become just a piece of cake.